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What is Reddington Rock Riding Club?

First and foremost, we are a private horseback riding organization. Founded in 1962, the purpose of the club is to encourage and promote the sport of equine trail riding. This is done by sponsoring equine related functions such as trail rides, fun days, educational events, as well as assisting thein the maintenance of bridle trails in the area.


Part of what makes our club unique is that in 1972 we purchased 18 acres, which is our Camp Glazier. Our grounds boast a pavilion, cookshack, restrooms, an arena, a small barn, and many camp sites that are rented to members to camp with their horses. We also are super fortunate to have three trail heads from our property that directly access the Shenipsit State Forest in Stafford Springs, CT.

Can I drive my horse?

Yes! We have members who currently drive their horses around the grounds, and you can access the dirt road within the state forest by taking a short jaunt down the paved road


How many members does RRRC have?

Our membership fluctuates.  In a typical season we can have 85 to 100+ members.


What kinds of events do you host?


Fun Day Poker Ride

Ice Cream Socials

Horseback Christmas Caroling



Halloween Spaghetti Dinner

Blessing of the Mounts & National Trails Day Chicken BBQ

Parades and more1!!I

Can I camp in a tent?

Yes, people camp in tents, horse trailers, and travel trailers.


What speed do people ride (w/t/c)?

Part of the beauty of the club is that you will find members who ride all different styles, disciplines, and speeds. Some walk, some walk trot, and some w/t/c. By being a member, you can find the people who match your speed and style.

Are dogs allowed at the club?

Yes! Well behaved, leashed dogs are welcome


Are dogs allowed on the trails?

The state forest allows leashed dogs.


Are generators allowed?

Generator are allowed up to six hours per day during non quiet time. The quiet time is from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM_


Is there water and electricity available at the club grounds?

There are water spigots throughout the club. Typically, one spigot serves a few campsites. Water is turned on only during the camping season.


Electricity is available at the cookshack, pavilion, and the bathrooms. There is no electricity at individual campsites / lots. Members typically use their generators or other portable battery banks/chargers for their electrical needs.


How long is the camping season?

Grounds open for camping April 1st, and close November 30th each year. Weather permitting, water is turned on during this time.

Are there showers on the club grounds?

There are currently no showers.


Are there bathrooms on the club grounds?

Yes! We have two.


What kind of terrain is on the trail?

We are blessed with the lovely rocky terrain of the Northeast. Some areas are softer and less rocky than others. Some terrain has larger rocks that horses can navigate over or through while some are gravel sized rocks, you'd find on dirt roads.  You will traverse dirt roads, pine needle lined paths, water crossings, some technical areas, mountains, and some pavement depending on the trail you take.

Where is the actual Reddington Rock?

In the early years, Bob Abom permitted the riding club to use several acres of his Hopkins Road property. This property was adjacent to Shenipsit State Forest. When riders entered the forest they rode in the shadow of a huge rock with a protective overhanging formation, known as Reddington Rock.


Do I need experience with horses to become a member?

No, we welcome everyone with and without experience. Members need to support the mission of the dub.


How many hours can I ride?

As many hours as you wish, Enjoy a stroll around the club grounds, or ride in the arena. Or hit the trails for anywhere from a 1 hour ride to the pond or a 6 hour ride to the cabin. It all depends on what you want to do with your day!


Are trails marked?

The trails are in the Shenipset state forest and are marked. Trails can also be found on the “The club doesn't do any supplemental marking as it is not permitted.


Where do I park when I come in for a day ride?

There is a large field in the front of the club that offers ample room to park a truck and trailer.


How do I get on the wait list for a campsite/ lot or a stall?

When completing the membership or renewal application, there is a section for you to select a lot or stall.

If none are available, you will be automatically placed on the waiting list. Campsites are assigned based on seniority.

Do I have to own a horse to become a member?

No. You can own, lease, or have no horse at all and still be a member of Reddington Rock Riding Club. If you don't own or lease a horse you can become a supporting member.


What is the difference between a regular and supporting membership?

The primary differences are that a supporting member cannot be a campsite/lot/stall holder, hold an officer role, nor can they vote.


Is camping required to be a member?

No, you don't need to camp to be a part of the club. We are a horse dub that also happens to own property where members can camp with their horses. Many members are non lot holders and do not camp.


Does RRRC offer horses for rent?

No. RRRC does not offer rides where others can rent horses.


Are there any age restrictions or minimum?

We welcome everyone of all ages!

If you are a minor, then a parent would need to join and the child/ren membership is included. At 18yrs you qualify for a regular individual, family, or supporting membership.

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